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  • Great Erdrejan Fayre Timetable Of Events 2019 & Game Rules

    Well we don’t know about you but keen here is reaching epic levels ahead of the GEF this coming weekend, so we’re hoping our reveal of the games timetable will have you keening too!

    For those viewing on a mobile device or anyone having trouble with the pretty IC version of the timetable, we’ve also included a text version laid out below and you can click the timetable images to make them open up full size.

    Scroll down to the bottom of this post for game rules.


    Why Working Set-Up Is A Great Thing To Do & Why You Should Consider It

    Every Lorien Trust mainline event takes place at beautiful Locko Park in Derby and includes a set piece. Each of the four annual events is hosted by a different faction or the guilds, who are responsible for helping to make it all happen.

    Set pieces are essentially a big theatrical set which help to set the scene of each event and  are enjoyed and used by everyone attending.

    Set pieces can take many months of planning. As well as a plot-lead creative vision for the set piece, actually making it happen takes a variety of different skills as well as a lot of hard work.


    Yet another update for scholar skills.

    As people had spotted, there were some omissions on the last list; apologies for this.

    The complete list is below, featuring Scholar: Plane of Unlife, and adding The Underdark as an options for Natural Resources and Flora and Fauna skills.

    If you have questions, please email Background at background@lorientrust.com


    A Further Update to Scholar skills

    Thank you all for your feedback on the list of Scholar skills. We are happy to announce that we have made some changes in response, which we hope will make it easier for you to choose a skill that gives you the same utility as the previous one.


    Scholar Skills an update for the 2019 season

    To make things more consistent and to take away some of the confusion with Scholar skills, as of this year there will be a published list of Scholar skills to choose from.
    New skills will automatically be chosen from the new list. Those with existing skills from the older lists or those with skills already booked prebook or over winter will need to go to Games Control when on site.
    These changes will give more utility to each chosen skill. It also makes it easier for people looking for new skills to have an existing list to choose from, and gives everyone an idea what sorts of research areas there are.
    Sage skills will also be revamped however at present they remain unchanged. The process of gaining Sage will remain the same. Details of the prerequisites and method for gaining sage are listed in the OSP book.
    The list of skills is as follows:


    Minor changes/corrections to key publications for the 2019 Season

    We have made three minor changes/corrections to key publications:
    1. The Weapons Guide has been updated to provide clarity between Medium and Large weapon sizes.
    a. Medium weapons are between 18”/45.7cm and 42”/107cm
    b. Large weapons are between 43”/109cm and 84”/213.4cm
    Existing weapons between 42 & 43” will be judged by the Weapons Checker as to whether these are medium or large weapons. 
    2. The Occupational Skill Guide has had a correction to the income skills:
    Apprentice & Master stated the income stell would be in the return pack; this is not right; these are available from Games Control at the Gathering
    3. Rune and Regulations; Clarity to the fire regulations point 8 to read:
    No naked flames may be used under canvas or inside tents. The only exception to this would be the use of equipment specifically designed/manufactured for this purpose such as cooking/camping stoves or heating braziers, these must be used in compliance with manufacturers guidelines and be a safe distance away from flammable surfaces or tent canvas. You must have safety equipment readily available i.e. sand/water etc. If unsure your Faction Command or Event Support can give advice. Please make sure the ground is not being damaged by your fire.
    If we experience extremely warm/dry weather and the estate landlords instigate a tinder dry no fire policy, we would have to comply.