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  • Tips To Help You Get More From Your First Live Roleplay Event

    As someone considering LARP for the first time, it’s likely you’ll have heaps of questions – I know I certainly did! In fact, 10 years on and I still have heaps of questions (but shush, don’t tell anyone that).

    So with new players in mind, we decided to turn to the Lorien Trust Discussion Group over on Facebook to ask players what their top tips were for first timers, and we got masses of really helpful responses!

    In fact, we got so much input that we thought we’d collate everything together, so here it is, our crowd-sourced list, from actual players, of top tips to help you get the most from your first ever LARP event.


    The Sanctum – Offering Advice to New & Existing Players On All Things LT

    What is The Sanctum?

    The Sanctum is an unofficial group, run by a team of volunteer players who are members the Lorien Trust LARP system.


    Book Now, The Summer Event Pre-Booking Deadline Is Looming!

    We all love to save a bit of money, and pre-booking your event tickets is the best way to do exactly that! If you’ve not pre-booked the whole year, never fear, you’ve still got time to pre-book for the remaining 2 summer events, the Summer Moot and The Gathering.


    Meet Lorraine McKee, Our Newly Appointed Player Liaison Office

    We’re delighted to introduce our newly appointed Lorien Trust Player Liaison Officer, Lorraine McKee. Read on to find out more.


    Great Erdrejan Fayre Timetable Of Events 2019 & Game Rules

    Well we don’t know about you but keen here is reaching epic levels ahead of the GEF this coming weekend, so we’re hoping our reveal of the games timetable will have you keening too!

    For those viewing on a mobile device or anyone having trouble with the pretty IC version of the timetable, we’ve also included a text version laid out below and you can click the timetable images to make them open up full size.

    Scroll down to the bottom of this post for game rules.


    Why Working Set-Up Is A Great Thing To Do & Why You Should Consider It

    Every Lorien Trust mainline event takes place at beautiful Locko Park in Derby and includes a set piece. Each of the four annual events is hosted by a different faction or the guilds, who are responsible for helping to make it all happen.

    Set pieces are essentially a big theatrical set which help to set the scene of each event and  are enjoyed and used by everyone attending.

    Set pieces can take many months of planning. As well as a plot-lead creative vision for the set piece, actually making it happen takes a variety of different skills as well as a lot of hard work.