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    Your customer toolbox gives you all the forms you need to request appropriate discounts and changes to both your character and personal details.

    Preview of Character Details

    We have the ability to add more than one character preview to a single online account. We expect this will be very useful to families and persons who are purchasing tickets for both themselves, and someone else. Please use the RED form below to request the linking of additional characters to this account.
    We will gain permision from the character holder before we authorise its dispaly. Please do not attemp to abuse this system.

    A preview of your character card should appear in the space below.
    This MAY NOT yet show any overinter skills you commenced learning at the Gathering.


    Unfortunately your character details are not linked yet, please do not be alarmed. Your character details are held securely offline. A member of the office team needs to manually link your character to your web account in order for the preview to be successful. Please use the red form below to request the linking of your character (or additonal characters) to this online account

    If your character preview does not show, please switch to Desktop View in the first instance.
    We are working hard to optimise this page for mobile viewing.

    Issues? Call the team on 01773 294 429 (office hours)

    Email the team on enquiries@lorientrust.com 24/7

    We are only a small team of two or three, we will do our utmost to work as quickly and effienctly as possible to get your event pack correct the first time

    A Note From the LT

    There has been no increase in the price of adult tickets. Thursday arrival has been held at Ten Pounds (This has been the same price since 2000)

    Following feedback form families, we have once again frozen the ticket price of children. Children under 16 are still exempt from the Thursday early arrival fee.

    To make it better for families, we have increased the age of free children to 10. All children 10 and under are free. They must be accompanied by a paying adult.

    What about Adults?

    We are aware that there has been a small number of isolated instances where accounts have not shown a true reflection of the number of Banked OSPs. Should you find your OSP count to be not what you expect (its either too high, too low, or missing alltogether) please complete this form.

    We would like to thank you for your patience