The Guilds of Erdreja exist to service and train the citizens of the nations of the Heartlands. Rather than the Factions ‘owning’ the Guilds, their relationship is more ‘symbiotic’, the Guilds need members and locations for their Guildhouses that only the Factions can provide; the Factions need training and services that only the Guilds can provide.

The Guilds are grouped into three ‘collectives’:

Power (Corrupters, Incantors, Mages & Healers)
Knowledge (Alchemists, Bards & Bank)
Martial (Archers, Armourers, Militia and Scouts)

The purpose of the Alchemists Guild is to facilitate the practice of alchemy, by spreading the knowledge of alchemy, maintaining a network training and production facilities, and supplying alchemical ingredients to guild members. The guild has achieved great success in spreading the knowledge of alchemy. However, we are conscious of the need to conserve supplies of alchemical ingredients, so do not be surprised if prices fluctuate from time to time; indeed, sometimes we may have to withhold the supply of some ingredients until supplies recover. We do somewhat regard ourselves as temporary custodians of our world.

Our network of alchemical labs is second to none, we will always strive to allow a guild member access to them. All that we ask is that you clear up after any explosions, always label any dangerous concoctions and do not pour your failed potions onto the herb garden.

The Archers guild was formed when an astute and select off sub-section of the Armourers Guild realised that there was need for an independent guild specialising in the training of archery and its associated combat techniques, as well teaching the fine art of bow crafting. Over the next few years the guild developed to incorporate a variety of skills which would not only be of great use to the military archer, but also to the hunter, ranger and tracker. Currently our membership incorporates a varied mix of archers and none archers, providing us with an eclectic mix of believes, knowledge and skills.

The Archers guild also provide the Out Of Character function of Bow and Claw Competency checks which is required for using Bows or Claws within the game.

Forgers of armour, weapons, and other oddities, the Armourers are also renowned for the great skill and finery of their work. It is the Armourers guild that equips and supplies the fighting forces of the Heartlands. Only they hold the secrets of manufacturing rare weapons and armour.

The Armourers also help the other Martial guilds to run combat tournaments for the people of each faction at the Gathering. The Armourers guild shares the responsibility for providing much of the warrior training across the known lands with the Militia.

Spanning the traditions of several cultures, the Bards Guild concern themselves with ‘The Word’ in all its forms. Teachers and learners, entertainers and performers, the guild counts amongst its members musicians, keepers of history, scribes, scholars, explorers, poets, dancers, artists, cryptographers, linguists and even those who would just describe themselves as being plain nosey. Indeed, there are those who claim that the guild is dedicated purely to the pursuit of knowledge, while some older hands would maintain that such a pursuit is always secondary to that of understanding.

Whatever their primary aim, the guild is comprised of very many useful people, whether one’s current concerns are business or pleasure. Tracing the history of the guild is problematic, for whereas the modern incarnation’s inception can be clearly identified, the gifts and specific skills of the guild trace a lineage back to the earliest recorded histories.

The guild is also often confused with the Great Library, which is in fact a separate organisation. However, the ties between the guild and the Great Library are strong, and it is via the Bards that it is easiest to gain access to the vast store of knowledge held in that hallowed institution.

Custodians of Erdreja’s finances, the Bank holds the accounts of factions, guilds, groups and individuals. The bank of Erdreja is responsible for the supply of the official coinage of the land and also handles exchanges of old or foreign coins. An exchange rate for old coins has been established and will be posted at each of its branches by the bank. The Bank is first and foremost an establishment which keeps valuables safe and secure. While recently it has become a Guild that trains and teaches its staff, it is a Guild like no other in the Heartlands. The history of the Bank is shrouded in the mists of time, though it is commonly thought that there has been an organisation safeguarding Erdreja’s wealth since before the foundation of the Empire of Man.

Some say that centuries ago a powerful group of varied but powerful beings came together to form a consortium, with the primary objective of safeguarding their riches and thereby their own power. Their descendants or successors today are those known as ‘The Shareholders’, who choose the Grandmaster Bankers who act as the public face for the Guild. Few (other than the Bank Masters themselves) ever have a chance to meet with the Shareholders and their exact motives remain vague at best. “Secrecy is our greatest asset” Grandmaster Mourn used to say. Over the last decade or so the Bank has opened its doors a little more to the great and the good of the Factions, taking guild members into it’s commercial arm, rather than simply training guards and cashiers. Grandmaster Abeer and his successors Memphis Al Fayed & Dimitri von Dracmodor did much to change the nature of the organisation from a Bank alone into a House of Commercial interest.

The Guild now assists in the financial management of the Fortune’s Fool Casino, loaning gold to the Factions and other Guilds, protecting vast sums of money for businesses and individuals, the management of Wills and at times has been known to engage in security and debt collection.

If one wishes to put one’s gold (or even copper) in a safe place, at a fair rate of interest, then the Bank is the choice of many. Last Wills and Testaments may be lodged with the guild (for a small fee), thus ensuring that all funds are secure in the case of an unhappy accident. Items, magical or valuable, can be left in safety deposit boxes. Almost as importantly; if you simply need to know the value of an item, or you wish to engage in trade – the Bank is one of the best places to start.

“There is no ‘Good’, there is no ‘Evil’; there are only the Rich and the Poor.” ~ Attributed to a former Head of Commerce


Money. Everybody wants it, but once you’ve got it how do you make sure you don’t lose it? You can hide it and hope you can remember where you’ve put it, or you can store it in the bank. It won’t cost you a thing to open an account and we offer attractive rates of interest. If you have valuables that you don’t wish to lose, you can place them in our secure Safety Deposit boxes.

If you find yourself a bit short for cash we may be able to offer a one-year fixed-rate loan. If you need cash in a hurry but don’t want to take out a loan we are willing to purchase valuables from you. Worried about what will happen to your possessions when you die? We are able to offer our Will Service. For a fee we will hold your Will and act as the executors of your estate. Your written Will must be deposited with us when you request this service. Please note that if you have an account with us the funds will not be passed on if you die unless you have a Will.

It is rumoured that now a guild for the Corrupters exists, a place for those of ‘darker intent’ to gather and speak of Unlife, Corruption and Necromancy – things that are often only spoken about under people’s breath or in the shadowy corner of taverns.

Perhaps this kind of thing interests you, perhaps you wish to know more… Perhaps you should go find them and see what things lurk in the shadows…

The Guild of Healers, Physician and Surgeons is one of the most respected and beloved guilds in all Erdreja. After all, everyone likes a healer (or physician – an often overlooked art which the guild makes extra effort to give equal standing). The Healers Guild, as it is better known, acts in the role as caretakers of the well being of life in Erdreja. This means that this guild is perhaps the most closely aligned to the factions, working under strict rules of neutrality to ensure that all the factions have competent healing support. More than this, the guild offers a friendly home and refuge for healers and physicians to relax, study, have a drink and practice their arts. It is often said that a good healer is one who knows who all the other healers are and so the Healers Guild operates as a network hub for healers across all the factions. This also lends the guild a reputation as of one of the biggest gossip shops in all Erdreja.

A vocal and sizable minority of Heartlands people mistakenly believe the Healers Guild to be the ‘Channellers’ Guild’, and certainly channelling from the plane of life forms a crucial centre to medicinal practice within the guild and across the nations. But the Healers Guild absolutely condemns the practice of corruption and necromancy within its ranks, much to the chagrin of many who favour the dark arts. The Healers Guild has two reasons for this position: first that the guild is for those who practice the remedial arts and any metaphysical similarities between corruption and healing is inconsequential compared to the desire to maintain good medical practice; and secondly, and perhaps of more important, many factions would not tolerate any change in the guild’s main ethos.

The Incantor’s Guild is the principal place of learning on the subjects of faith, ancestors and incantation.

The Guild is divided into three colleges dedicated to the separate disciplines of incantation. Each college holds a specific role based on the ancient ethos of the guild, originally devised by Shaol Mistrivven, prior to the Sundering.

The guild is driven by the desire to protect all ancestors, dark, light or indeterminate from any force which wishes to destroy what thousands of years of belief has created.

More recently the Groves of Incantation have appeared in each Faction’s land and they along with the mysterious Grove Wardens protect these place high in Faith.

The guild welcomes all sentient creatures of faith.

The Mages Guild Of Erdreja is a guild with a very long and varied history. Originally set up to provide training in the magical arts to people who had little chance to gain such training, the Guild grew under the guidance of Thomas the Wise (now known as Floris) through a number of developments – the creation of the elemental colleges, the creation of the Colour Mages and the amalgamation of the colleges into the current guild, the rise of the elemental colleges and their transformation into the modern training and research based structure, before returning to the colour mages we have now.

Historically the Mages Guild have been viewed as a guild who “sat on the fence” over matters of factional and world-wide importance, however the majority of non-members have not seen the hard work the Guild does behind the scenes in ensuring the best outcome for Erdreja and everyone who lives on her. The Mages Guild welcomes any mage, ritualist or anyone with an interest in magical matters and still provides magical training to all who wish for it as their magical research and training facilities are second to none.

Recently the guild have concentrated on working towards the good of Erdreja, helping rebalance the issues raised during the Cataclysm; The guild looks forward to the interesting and fruitful time ahead..

The Militia are enforcers of the laws of the Gathering Treaty and the advocates of justice. The Militia acts to regulate events such as the Gathering and Moots, where many factions meet, as agreed by the hosting faction and other factions in attendance. With differing laws covering the many kingdoms, the job of a Militia guard is never easy.

The Militia and Armourers guilds share the responsibility for providing much of the warrior training across the Heartlands.

For many years now the Scouts Guild has sought to serve the Factions of Edreja by providing information about events occurring in their lands as well as providing training for those people of the Factions who have a ‘lighter step’. The Guild has a rich history. It has often come into conflict with the Factions but most of these conflicts now lie in the heads of those that refuse to forgive. Originally fragmented, the Scouts Guild unified into one Guild operated by Master Scouts who in turn serve the Grandmaster Scout. There are several ‘Departments’ within the Scouts Guild and those joining the Guild may decide to work within one of those. The Guild will accept any member as all have the capacity for learning and improvement.

Shine within the Guild and the rewards are great and the Paths will become easier to see but beware, no Master will tolerate fools.


Please make yourself welcome in the Scouts Guild, enjoy our hospitality, but do not stray too far from the paths…
The Scouts Guild (often referred to simply as ‘The Scouts’) is spread across Erdreja in many Guildhouses. We provide many services to Factions and individuals including training, and more… specialist services.
All are welcome to join, you just need to find us first, and if you have found this then you are well on the way to becoming a member of the Scouts Guild.

So welcome, feel free to stay a while, but take heed, the Scouts do not suffer fools lightly…