The Guilds of Erdreja exist to service and train the citizens of the nations of the Heartlands. Rather than the Factions ‘owning’ the Guilds, their relationship is more ‘symbiotic’, the Guilds need members and locations for their Guildhouses that only the Factions can provide; the Factions need training and services that only the Guilds can provide.

The Guilds are grouped into three ‘collectives’:

Power (Corrupters, Incantors, Mages & Healers)
Knowledge (Alchemists, Bank, Bards & Bank)
Martial (Archers, Armourers, Militia and Scouts)

The Alchemist Guild

Never before have you met such a diverse mix of people than you have in the Alchemists Guild.
You have the power hungry, those thirsty for knowledge, the curious, crazy, and unhinged (this is just one person). Poisoners, potioners and botanists of all abilities, some that simply dabble, and those who throw their entire life into research and creation. There are those who are in it for the explosions, those that are in it for the money, or those that sup their own juices and fund their own addictions.

Alchemists come in all shapes and sizes, and truly, you have rarely met a more ‘interesting’ bunch. But through everything, Alchemists can be summed up in one short quote:

“Lunatics! They’re all lunatics!”- Echo, Harts Faction, (Quote from Bards Winter Social January 1116)

Despite popular belief, the Archers Guild has never been just for those ‘bow and arrow types’.

While the name suggests a requirement to wield a bow and arrow, the Archers Guild is open to anyone who wishes to become a master of the natural environment.

Armed with the knowledge of the world around them, the Guild has slain many foes, from giant spiders to great dragons. Accenting their skills with knowledge of the arcane and alchemy, the Guild pushes itself further and further, proving themselves to be formidable even when at the mercy of the weather and setting sun.

While their history may not be as long as other Guilds, the Archers are proud of their many retired Guild Masters, many of whom are still active in the affairs of Erdreja today. Ultimately, the Archers Guild promotes survival and teaches the skills necessary to keep one going, even whilst alone in the wilds of the world.

The Archers guild also provide the Out Of Character function of Bow and Claw Competency checks, which are required for using Bows or Claws within the game.

The Armourers Guild has two main functions, each of equal importance.

The first is as a combat force, being one of the four martial guilds. The guild composition often leans towards the “heavy” side of the battle, but contains and requires members from all disciplines in order to field an effective fighting force.

The second function of the guild is to oversee and facilitate the creation of all magical items made using the various smithing skills on magical forges. This includes training smiths from across all the factions and the development of new possibilities, either by creation of items previously not thought possible or through new methods of creating existing items by the more scholarly members.

As custodians of Erdreja’s finances the Bank holds the accounts of factions, guilds, groups and individuals; in addition to this the Bank also stores the wills of those who have them. Over several years, the Bank has evolved to also be an established trading post with many good deals being struck, and for some the Bank is the first port of call when looking for an elusive object. The Bank will trade and transact with everyone regardless of race, faction or pattern.

The public face of the Bank consists of the Grandmaster and four Masters, there are several directors who are very rarely seen but who ultimately have the final say on interest rates, trade prices and so on.

In recent times the Bank has been strengthening its relationship with its sister guild, the Casino, and not just by playing Black Jack after the Bank has closed for the day!

Perhaps the most varied in scope of the guilds, the Bards Guild’s key aims are to provide entertainment of all kinds, the preservation of knowledge, freedom of information and expression and the protection of ‘The Word’. Bards can be found in the libraries, town centres, and wilds (though most often in the taverns and alehouses) across Erdreja, eyes and ears always open for information.

The Bards’ Guild obviously has a heavy musical influence and are often seen only as entertainers, but they have skills ranging from the casting and resisting of charms, information gathering, research and even arbitration, with these activities overseen by its four colleges: Scholars, Scribes, Harpers and Entertainers. Each College has its own College Head who report to the Guild Master and Grand Master but all members are encouraged to find their own ways to contribute to the Guild in whatever way suits their talents best.

Seen by some as diversionary establishments for the rich and soon to become poor, Casinos have always served as a place for various peoples and races to meet, trade and chance their skills with other travellers from across Erdreja.

The Casino has always endeavoured to exist as a neutral establishment in servicing the gaming needs of all their valued customers, but over recent years the Casino has also extended an invite to use these ‘Oases of neutrality’ as venues to meet for the greater good of all. It is on behalf of this endeavour that the Casino has been strengthening its bond with the nations of the Heartlands, and in the year 1117 earned the title ‘Casino of the Heartlands’ and with it the rights for the casino to operate as a guild.

Guild Casinos will continue to offer safe and comfortable gaming establishments whilst striving to meet the expectations of its employees and customers in its new role.

Valuable Employment opportunities offered, with training provided. Ask Casino staff for details!

A place for those seeking an alternative to the traditional channelling arts. All are welcome, so long as they have an interest in unlife. The Guild remains neutral on the subject of unliving, sharing the secrets of necromancy with those who seek it, as well as offering instruction on how best to destroy those unliving that have become troublesome.

The Guild is lead by the Council of Nine. Each a master of a different area of the Guild, they are each have an Adapt to assist with this.

The Healers Guild is dedicated to two key goals, prevention and treatment. You’re as likely to find a Healers Guild member protecting the innocent as researching the latest healing techniques.

The Healers Guild was led for many years by Grandmaster Treacle, and under her leadership the guild was incredibly successful. Following her retirement, in 1110, the guild has seen chaos under the various short-lived Grandmasters. These dark times saw many members go missing, money for the guild being stolen by senior masters and a severely reduced life expectancy across the Heartlands and Southlands.  The guild found stability again under Grandmaster Bastion, who had a mandate to take the guild from the masters and give it back to the people. Under his rule the guild was turned into a democracy. Votes have been held on many topics, allowing unliving equality within the guild, how elite training is to be distributed and what rituals are to be performed.

The guild is led by a council, each position leading on a Healing speciality with a Master at the Head. This council are responsible for the day-to-day running of the guild.

The Incantors Guild has the primary focus of enabling those who wish to practice their faiths and assisting those who have not yet found theirs in their search. Their secondary aim is to better enable the use of Incantation across the Heartlands and Southlands.

The guild is a gathering place for the Faithful of Erdreja, discussion and working together to improve the use of the skills and abilities.

The Guild is lead by the Arch High Incantor, their deputy and the college heads- one for each form of Incantation.

The Mages Guild is a centre of focus in the Heartlands for the study of magecraft and not just by those who are lucky enough to be able to call on the power of magic itself. All those interested in the study of magics are welcome to experiment and learn. There is no guarantee that you will in turn not become an experiment.

The masters of the guild invite all to come and trade knowledge or perhaps to join the Arcane Knights.

The Militia are enforcers of the laws of the Gathering Treaty and the advocates of justice. The Militia acts to regulate events such as the Gathering and Moots, where many factions meet, as agreed by the hosting faction and other factions in attendance. With differing laws covering the many kingdoms, the job of a Militia guard is never easy.

The Militia and Armourers guilds share the responsibility for providing much of the warrior training across the Heartlands.

The Scouts Guild is known to take pride in cultivating the skills of stealth and subtlety. Many years ago, this led them to have a secretive and insular reputation, but in recent years they have been opening their doors more readily to those who are willing to learn from them and work with them. In recent times they have been strengthening their existing relationships with the other Martial Guilds, and cross-guild training exercises and missions have become common.

The guild is one that prizes action over debate, and encourages its members to have a wide range of skills. It is the attitude, rather than the specific skill set, which links the guild together. A Scout does not seek safety, but strives for success. For those who gather information, they do not do so with a distant scholarly interest, but with a plan to act on it. A Scout who has learnt how to heal others does not seek the safety of a healing station behind friendly lines, but would push into enemy territory to find and save an injured comrade. And when they fight, they do not fight on known and well established battle lines, but push into the unknown, blazing a trail for others to follow, or slipping through enemy lines like an arrow, well aimed and equipped to destroy the enemy from within.

Whilst they are not guilds, representatives of the Council of Watchers and the Great Library can be found within the confines of the Knowledge Guilds. The Council of Watchers facilitates the use of ritual circles and the Great Library facilitates the use of research in libraries and other facilities across Erdreja.