The basics

The primary purpose of character groups is as an OOC aid to locating or contacting you in the field, usually via the group leader. It is therefore useful if you and your group leader are familiar with each other, and that faction commands and faction security are familiar with the group leaders in their faction. It also means that, in order to be worthwhile, groups need to contain a sufficient number of people for this to be a useful method.

We also believe that it is of benefit to the game to have known and recognizable IC groups or units; however, although it is preferable, there is no requirement that your group name matches that of any IC group that your character belongs to. Whether or not a given group exists on the database OOC does not affect whether or not that group exists IC.

If you find your group name has got NGL appearing in front of it, it means you need to assign a new group leader to your group as your current one is invalid, to do this you should visit game control at some point (when they are quiet) before the gathering, you do not need your character card reprinted.

Group Rewards

In order to encourage the creation of groups of reasonable size, groups who prebook for the Gathering may receive reward packs. The content increases with the size of the group and may include (for example) OSP tokens, IC coins, lammies, and/or OS training vouchers. These packs are distributed at the Gathering to the group leaders, via the faction NPCs.

In order to qualify for a reward pack, of the minimum 7 group members, at least 3 members of the group (including the group leader) must prebook for the Gathering. Group members who do not prebook do not count towards the size of the group. Prebookings for other events do not count towards the size of the group pack.

If the group leader does not prebook for the Gathering then no reward pack will be received. Groups that do not qualify for a reward pack over a period of years, may be deleted from the database. We have removed what we believe to be old and redundant groups

Characters with no group

Characters who do not select a group during their character creation or whose group is deleted, are placed in a default group for their faction. This default group is named ‘People of the <x>’ (where x is the faction name) This group does not receive a reward pack; the nominal group leader is the faction command team.

Group Creation

A new group can either be created during prebooking or by visiting Game Control. The process differs slightly for both.

During events, group creation requires 7 characters, including the group leader, who must either all be present in Game Control at the same time and must all join the new group. There is no OSP charge for creating a group.

Alternatively If you wish to create a new group outside of a main event then the nominated group leader should contact the LT Head Office at, a reference number will be given along with further instructions for the remaining 6 members.

It should be noted that groups are linked directly to factions, therefore groups spanning multiple factions will require a new group creating and they will act as two separate groups. (Requiring the minimum number of persons to establish each new group)