Our game world is called ‘Erdreja’. It tends to be described as a ‘world’, rather than a ‘planet’, but either term is equally apt, being an egg-shaped world floating within the cosmic void. It has oceans and continents, rivers and mountains. Our game generally takes place within a continent known as ‘The Heartlands’, a bit reminiscent of a medieval Europe, but with added magic and mystery.

Within The Heartlands, the land is divided into nations, just like a continent is in the real world. These nations, both the land and the people, are governed by ‘factions’. Some factions control a single nation, such as the Bears that rule Caledonia, while some factions control multiple nations, such as the Dragons who rule Erin and Cymrja. A faction will have a leader, typically a King/Queen or a Lord/Lady General, and then a range of people who head-up various functions, e.g. Foreign Minister or High Mage. The faction leader and a couple of his/her key lieutenants will be appointed by the Lorien Trust