Rules & Regulations of the Lorien Trust (referred to herein as LT)

Effective Date: [2019-01-18]

  1. You agree to comply with and be bound by the LT game rules. LT’s decision is final in all disputes concerning the game rules.
  2. The LRP (Live Role Playing) hobby involves the use of specially manufactured LRP weapons. All participants at LT events agree that LRP weapons may be used on them during participation. Do not play the game if you do not agree to be struck with such weapons. Anyone found using an LRP weapon in a dangerous manner will be warned of their actions and any further incidents of this may lead to them being expelled from the event. Metal or other non-LRP weapons Must Not be brought to LT events. Reasonable camping knives are permitted but can only be used in your camp and Must be kept in your tent. The LT reserve the right to confiscate/ban, any weapon or any item of equipment it deems to be unsuitable or inappropriate. Any confiscated item Must be collected from the Main Security Point, prior to you leaving the event. Any uncollected items will be kept for a maximum of one year after the event and may then be disposed of.
  3. The LT will inform the authorities if anyone is discovered breaking the law.
  4. The LT will charge you for the repair or replacement value of any LT or event location property that you have lost, damaged, vandalised or destroyed.
  5. No child under 16 will be permitted to take part in any large battles.
  6. Our gate issued security wristband must be attached to your wrist upon entry and then worn at all times during that event.
  7. No pyrotechnics (fireworks/bangers) will be allowed to be brought into any LT event by customers. Any player found using/having them will be expelled from the event and banned.
  8. No naked flames may be used under canvas or inside tents. The only exception to this would be the use of equipment specifically designed/ manufactured for this purpose such as cooking/ camping stoves or heating braziers, these must be used in compliance with manufacturers guidelines and be a safe distance away from flammable surfaces or tent canvas. You must have safety equipment readily available i.e. sand/water etc. If unsure your Faction Command or Event Support can give advice. Please make sure the ground is not being damaged by your fire.
  9. No radio transmitting equipment, scanners, or disruptive electrical equipment can be used without the prior written consent of the LT.
  10. Any player caught cheating will be warned. If they persist in cheating they will be penalised and may, as a last resort, be expelled from the event. This includes failing to adhere to the spirit of the game.
  11. Please remember that we are running family events, with children in attendance. As such, you are expected to maintain a reasonable standard of decency, both physically and verbally. Remember that Lorien Trust LRP events are there for everyone to have fun at. Intentionally disruptive behaviour may result in expulsion from the event.

Site Rules Of Lorien Trust

Effective Date: 26/11/2010

  1. Vehicles without official site access are restricted to the players’ car parks only. Any vehicle obstructing access in these areas or found outside of the permitted areas may be removed. You may only use the camping drop off points for a maximum of 30 minutes. Ask gate staff.
  2. Do not leave valuables visible in your vehicle. All vehicles are parked at the owner’s risk Leave a note and write just the driver’s Player ID number (found on your character card) in a visible place on the dashboard of the vehicle. If you are the driver and paid on the gate, tell the gate staff. They will take your details down on a ticket stub. Display the issued ticket
  3. Caravans and motor homes may be brought to the events. However owners must get prior permission from the Lorien Trust and may have certain restrictions on where they can park.
  4. The LT staff area is Out of Bounds to players unless accompanied by an LT staff member
  5. No combat may take place in OOC areas (Toilets, Event Support, Game Control, Monster Room and Car Parks). No mass combat may take place in these In Character areas; Trade stands, Guild tent, Bar, Caterers and any area displaying a sign stating this rule.
  6. The backs of the Trade stands and traders’ car park are Out of Bounds to players unless accompanied by a trader or a Lorien Trust staff member.
  7. No trading/peddling will be permitted without a valid Lorien Trust trading licence.
  8. Be Aware. At LT events, special effects are regularly used which include loud sounds, strobe and UV lighting and smoke machines. These can be hazardous to you if you suffer from a medical condition that may be affected by these effects. Also Note. Pyrotechnic effects that create very loud output are used. These may cause you a sudden shock or surprise.

Site specific rules to Locko Park are below:

  1. Remember Locko Park is part of the countryside and Must be treated with respect. Use common sense keep it tidy and leave it as you found it.
  2. No animals are permitted at events, except for Guide Dogs with prior permission from LT.
  3. Weather permitting, a set amount of fire containers will be provided per faction/camping area. Braziers and barbecue equipment can be brought to the events but Must Not damage or burn the ground. Ground fires are not permitted. Don’t empty fire remnants onto the grass. Fires Must Never be left unattended and Must have a large container of water nearby.
  4.  Areas marked ‘No Entry’ or ‘Out of Bounds’ Must Not be entered by any person. If for any reason you need to retrieve something from these areas, you must first find a member of Lorien Trust staff. They will then retrieve it or accompany you into the area.
  5. Locko Hall, the surrounding buildings and ornate gardens are strictly Out of Bounds. Do not enter any of these areas under any circumstances.
  6. The lake is strictly Out of Bounds. This area is very dangerous. Stay out!
  7. Do not damage the plant life, climb or damage trees or collect any loose fire wood. No posters or flyers may be attached to any tree, fences or structure on Locko Park.
  8. Any fields containing livestock or growing crops are Out of Bounds unless you are crossing them whilst accompanied by a Lorien Trust staff member.
  9. When driving through the site you must obey the 10 M.P.H. speed limit which is in effect for all non-emergency vehicles and all road signs and instructions from Lorien Trust staff. Only use the marked site entrances and exits that are allocated for your use.
  10. You Must clear up, bag and tie your rubbish before you leave the site. Keep the site, especially the camping and main field areas, tidy during the event.
  11. Only use the Toilet Facilities provided. Do Not use the Woodland Areas. Anyone caught using the woodland areas will be expelled from the event and banned.

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