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  • Change of Address

    Our Head / Booking Office has relocated.

    All postal bookings and enquiries should now be sent to the address below.
    Do not worry if you have posted something to the old address, a redirection service will be in place for a while longer.

    Both Site and Live servers have been synced and you should now see chatacter changes made at either the Spring Moot or the GEF within your online character preview. Please be aware that this time of yeart usually sees a large increase in the workload for the office team. Our prioroty is to respond to emails received while we have been on site and to dispatch event bookings we have received, we will also to continue to offer technical support untill the end of the prebooking deadline for the Summer Booking session. We will be responding to your email but this may take some time, your patience is highly appreciated.

    All our other contact details remain the same. The quickest and most effective method of communication is by email.

    Email: Enquiries@lorientrust.com

    We will shortly start responding to emails and webforms that have been submitted since we left the office before the Spring Moot. Please do not forget we are a small team and are working hard to get through the backlog as quickly and effectivly as possible.

    Character ammendments made at both the Spring Moot and the GEF should now be showing on your online preview. OSPs gained on the gate have NOT YET been added, this will be done shortly. Due to the high volume of records to update, you will not receive an individual notification once your record has been allocaged with the Gate attendance OSPs. A post will follow once these have been completed on the Faction specific Facebook Pages.

    Tel: 01773 294 429
    Our telephone number currently diverts to a collegue.
    Outgoing calls will continue to show as a mobile phone number untill further notice.