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  • Introducing Booking Sessions

    In order to simplify the booking process we have introduced booking sessions to replace previous prebook periods. Some Booking sessions have a bonus attached.

    As before these run between set dates. The earlier you book, the greater the prebooking discount you receive and the greater bonus’ are available.

    Winter Booking


    This booking session runs until the end of January 2017. (23:59 31/01/2017)

    Spring booking


    This booking session runs from the Start of Febuary to the end of March. (00:00 01/02/17- 23:59 31/03/17)


    Summer Booking


    This booking session runs from the Start of April to the end of June. (00:00 01/04/17- 23:59 31/06/17)



    There may be additional bonuses available during limited times. These are subject to availability and may be withdrawn without notice. These are advertised separately.